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the Royal Bagel at Ansley Mall: Photos

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Thank you to Michael Yoss, former co-owner of The Royal Bagel, for contributing many photos, articles, and other memorabilia to the Piedmont Heights historical archive.

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PHotos from The Royal Bagel

The Royal Bagel sign in the Ansley Monroe promenade, to the right of where LA Fitness is now.

The Royal Bagel poster with their bagel mascot.

Kenny and Rose Yoss

Rose Yoss, Michael Yoss, and Mark Pearlman, April 1980

Michael (left) and Kenny Yoss (right), plus, the shop's bulletin board with customer photos.

Rose Yoss, April 1980

The Royal Bagel's first employees—Jessie, ??, and Sudie—students from Grady High School (now Midtown High School). 

Babies Harris and Seth. Customers with babies were so thankful for the mini bagels as teething solutions for their little ones! Look at those happy babies! As they grow, they'll graduate to pink or green leaf cookies from The Cookie Man/The Bagel Man (Kenny Yoss). 

Two employees, Albert & ??, at The Royal Bagel.

Dale Yoss and ?? (Royal Bagel Employee)

Dale Yoss and Gingie

?? (Royal Bagel Employee) and Dale Yoss

Mic Cook rocking a Freaknic 1995 T-shirt.

Dale, Kenny, Rose, and Michael Yoss among the bagel wall at The Royal Bagel.

Jean Luc Verbist, dessert extraordinaire, working the dough. Jean Luc later continued making desserts at Henri's Bakery in Buckhead. 

Happy Customers

Customer Jerry Attkisson celebrating his 50th birthday at The Royal Bagel. Jerry, along with longtime PHCA Board Member Bill Seay, founded the Midtown Midtown Business Association (now Midtown Alliance), in the 1970s. Read more about how they started the transformation of Midtown

Atlanta Sunset Cake featuring white mousse, white cake, peaches, and raspberry. One of many cakes offered by The Royal Bagel.

Inside The Royal Bagel. The space doubled over time, including into the area where Phidippides currently resides.

Jordan Yoss (Michael's son, Kenny & Rose's grandson) at the wall of bagels!

Gene with his constant canine companion outside The Royal Bagel with his bag of bagels. 

Loyal customer and Bagel Bunch founder, Walter Huebner.

Rose, Michael, and Kenny Yoss.

So many flavors of bagels to choose from! Jordan Yoss (Michael's son) and cousin Jonathan, a dentist who worked at The Royal Bagel on the weekends.

Space available sign that was repurposed as the Memory Sign (next photo) from the Royal Bagel's last day in May 1997. 

Left to right: Michael Yoss, Rose & Kenny Yoss, Dale Yoss, Dean Bates, Vida Goldgar of The Atlanta Jewish Times, Stanley Baum, and Walter Huebner.

Bagel Bunch member, Louise Baum, draws a child's handprint amidst the wonderful notes on the Thanks for the Memories board. 

The Bagel Bunch gathers one last time to commemorate the closing of The Royal Bagel in May 1997. Vida Goldgar in red, Alan Yoss (Michael's brother) standing in the blue shirt, Shirl Bates in the gray shirt, and more.

The Bagel Bunch, May 1997

Michael Yoss commemorating the closing of The Royal Bagel, May 1997, with a bottle of Glenmorangie, courtesy of customer and Bagel Bunch founder Walter Huebner.

Bagel Bunch founder Walter Huebner signs the Memory board to mark the occasion of The Royal Bagel's closing, May 1997.

With the sign taken down, Michael Yoss shakes hands with Dean Bates as he prepares to begin a new chapter in his life. Dean takes home the sign and buys the outdoor seating from Walter Huebner (remember, they brought their own seating every Sunday!), and they used them anytime the Bagel Bunch had a reunion.

The Bagel Bunch toasts to a joyous farewell with Glenmorangie to The Royal Bagel, happy retirement to Kenny & Rose, and best wishes on Michael's next chapter.

Walter Huebner in the suit, Harry Shartar standing, Vida Goldgar in red, and more.

The end of an era, shown on (name??)'s face, as The Royal Bagel closes its doors after 24 years in May 1997.

Loyal Bagel Bunch customers, Shirl Bates, Harry Sharter, and Walter Huebner, go home with loads of bagels to freeze as The Royal Bagel closes in May 1997.

Vida Goldgar, Shirl Bates, Harry Shartar, and Walter Huebner with The Royal Bagel sign. Loyal customers and Bagel Bunchers up to the very end.

Fast forward to August 2021: Piedmont Heights finally has a new authentic bagel shop!

Brooklyn Bagel, open since 1997 in Johns Creek, launched their second location in Ansley Mall next to Ansley Wine. Cheers to real bagels; visit this family-owned business often!

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