Current Board Members

Jorgelina Striedinger, President
David Lerner, Treasurer
Donna Bryan Gensler
Drew Neiss

Thank you to all of our Former Board Members!

Meg Anderson
Collin Eggebrecht

Erin Eggebrecht
Melissa Lerner

Cynthia Pararo
Bill Seay

Thank you, Erin and Collin Eggebrecht!

December 2017 

 left to right: Drew Neiss, Erin and Collin Eggebrecht, and Donna Gensler at the ASW Distillery Summer Fandango 2017

The Piedmont Heights Community Improvement Foundation and the Piedmont Heights Civic Association Boards would like to express their deepest appreciation to Erin and Collin Eggebrecht for all of their hard work and contributions on behalf of the Foundation and Piedmont Heights residents. Erin and Collin volunteered and devoted much of their time during the last three years, as founding members of the Foundation, to help organize and participate in many of our neighborhood events.

Their family has grown during that time, with 16-month-old twin boys and a private practice to run, and they have decided to retire from the Foundation. We would like to wish Erin, Collin, and their family a wonderful holiday and many healthy and happy days ahead! Thank you!

From PHCIF Treasurer David Lerner: "Erin and Collin have worked tirelessly behind the scenes on the launch of the Foundation as well as to spread continued awareness of its mission of providing fundraising activities and special events to support PHCA community. They volunteered for us all with time, efforts, and expertise during the birth of their new twins and launch of their new business. They are great PCHA neighbors, and I enjoyed serving with them on the Foundation Board."

Erin and Collin are physical therapists and the owners of a practice in Virginia Highland, One Point Physical Therapy.

- David Jon Lerner CPA CVA, PHCIF Treasurer
- Jorgelina Stiedinger, PHCIF President
- Gary Dresser, PHCA President

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