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Gotham Way Park
1996 Gotham Way

This park is owned by the Piedmont Heights Civic Association, not the City of Atlanta. The 2.5 acres was gifted to the neighborhood by Stein Printing Company in 1957 so that it could serve as a buffer between the existing homes and the new printing plant being developed. Originally called Monroe Park, the park was officially dedicated as Gotham Way Park in 1961.

Plans are underway to enhance Gotham Way Park with new playground equipment, a walking path, and more. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and can be made to the Piedmont Heights Community Improvement Foundation (a 501(c)(3) organization).

Creeks in Piedmont Heights

Little known to most Piedmont Heights residents, there are quite a few creeks running through our neighborhood. In Gotham Way Park there are three creeks—yes, three. One is completely underground except for a portion to the west of Gotham Way just before it dead ends at the park entrance. The other two, barely more than “wet weather” creeks, run through the low, undeveloped east end of the park and are almost hidden by undergrowth in the deep drainage area.

Even historic Clear Creek, our neighborhood’s largest creek, gets little recognition. It is almost invisible, because its deep channel is visually blocked by the buildings backing up to it at Ansley Mall and Ansley Square. And there are other creeks even more hidden.

For example, a creek that runs through the Ansley Golf Club fairway beside the homes on Golf Circle actually originates near the Rock Spring Presbyterian Church. It runs between Allen Road and Piedmont Way for a short distance before disappearing under Monroe Drive, Flagler Avenue, and the BeltLine to reemerge at the golf course.

Another completely hidden creek runs underground down Rock Springs Road between Rockridge Place and Rock Springs Lane. If you listen at the manholes in the street, you can hear it gurgling.

No doubt there are other creeks in the neighborhood that have long since been piped underground by the City. After all “Rock Springs” is plural, which means more than one, and they all had to drain somewhere.

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