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All upcoming and previous meetings from Atlanta BeltLine are listed on their website. Scroll down for the previous meetings, which include links to their presentation slides and "Facebook Live" video recordings. You can also register for future meetings to receive the Zoom information, and most meetings are simulcast on Facebook Live, pending technical difficulties.

OCTOBER 2023 Updates

View the video recording.


New to PiHi, poet Robert Barsky was chosen as an Arts on the Beltline artist, and he has created a poem about a Lord Byron-inspired poet named George who wanders the BeltLine and tells stories based on what he experiences.

Read Robert's poem.

Learn more about Robert.

The poem is online and connected by QR codes on the Atlanta BeltLine signs, with excerpts mounted in four areas, including at the Monroe and 10th Eastside Trail entrance and before  Ponce City Market.

December 2022 Updates

Download the presentation or watch the video recording.


Lots of construction underway, plus lots of design happening these days on the BeltLine sections that run through Piedmont Heights. You can see more info and lots of pictures on the BeltLine website (see links below). 

Northeast Trail – Segment 1 (Piedmont Park – Monroe Dr. to Westminster Dr.): A 60% design package has been received for this segment, which runs from the northern end of the Eastside Trail to Westminster Drive. A portion of the trail runs through Piedmont Park. ABI has reviewed the design with Piedmont Park Conservancy and City of Atlanta Parks Department, and this collaboration will continue at all stages of design. Construction is expected to bid and start in 2023.

Northeast Trail – Segment 2 (Central / Hairpin – Westminster Dr. to Mayson St.): Work is underway on the retaining walls under the Piedmont Avenue overpass – and behind Ansley Square and Ansley Mall. Concurrently, work continues on clearing, grading, retention ponds, and the construction of a utility duct bank. Replacement and repair work is underway for some of the wooden piles on the existing wood bridge over Clear Creek bridge. Work on the installation of light poles continues along the paved portion of the trail. We thank you for your patience as work crosses into the open portion of the trail at times.

Northeast Trail – Segment 3 and Connector Trails (Buford Highway to MARTA Lindbergh Station): This project will design, bid out, and build 2.4-miles of mainline trail from Buford Highway to MARTA Lindbergh Station. It will include a connection with the PATH400 trail and access points from public streets. The project will involve crossings of existing MARTA heavy rail, NSR freight rail, CSX freight rail, GDOT freeway, and Peachtree Creek. A 60% design package is under review by the ABI team. ABI is coordinating engineering reviews required for a bridge crossing over the CSX railroad. Investigative work to identify the location of a sewer main line will be in progress soon, as well as geotechnical boring work for future bridge structures.

Northeast Trail construction looking north under Piedmont Avenue at the level of the future transit with future trail elevated to the right (east). Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

Northeast Trail construction looking north under Piedmont Avenue at the level of the future trail. Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

Northeast Trail construction looking south under Piedmont Avenue at the level of the future trail. Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

New retaining wall under construction at the northeast corner where the BeltLine corridor passes under Piedmont Avenue. Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

Northeast Trail construction looking south behind Ansley Square. Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

Northeast Trail construction looking south behind Ansley Mall. Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

Northeast Trail construction looking north towards the bridge over Clear Creek. Photo by John Becker. October 23, 2022.

July 2022 Updates

The PHCA Board voted in approval to join with VaHi and MLPA in contracting with Aaron Fortner from Canvas Planning Group. Aaron has significant experience in planning and urban design, including with the City of Atlanta. He's also worked on the Master Plan for Morningside-Lenox Park. He's familiar with our area, and we are glad to have his expertise in representing our interests to the BeltLine as they continue development of their Subarea 6 master plan.

May 2022 BeltLine Engagement Sessions

The BeltLine is updating their master plan, including Subarea 6, which includes the portion running through Piedmont Heights. 

Parts of their draft reflect the Piedmont Heights Master Plan from 2015, while other parts drastically increase the number of residents in our area – including their support for 10+ story residential complexes. 

NOW is the time to VOICE. YOUR. OPINION!

Staffed Sessions in Person at Ansley Mall, Suite 307:
  • Thursday, May 19 from 4-7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, May 24 from 8-10:00 a.m.
  • Saturday, May 21 from 8-10:30 a.m.
Self-Guided Participation
  • May 16-26 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Also consider joining PHCA's Planning Committee if you'd like to get more deeply involved on this effort to advocate for our neighborhood's best interests.

For the latest construction and planning updates, visit these links regarding the various portions of the Northeast Trail, which runs through Piedmont Heights. Overall, it sounds like these portions require more funding and a lot more work/decisions on the design to really progress.

April 2021: The Northeast Trail is Open!

It's official—the Atlanta Beltline Northeast Trail is OPEN! Hop on over to the entrance on the Montgomery Ferry Road bridge and explore this brand new trail.

The trail extends north a bit before it ends in the Armour-Ottley area. You can also go south on the trail and follow it behind Ansley Mall, even though that section is unpaved. It connects to the trail in Piedmont Park and onto the Eastside trail and beyond. 

For your own safety and out of respect for private property in the neighborhood, please resist the urge to create unofficial entrances to the new trail. Please use the Montgomery Ferry Road bridge – the extra steps will do you good! 

December 2020 Beltline Updates

Check out our recent blog post, summarizing the Beltline's presentation and with links to their recording and PDF presentation.

video by PiHi resident Gary Dresser (December 18, 2020)

The Northeast Trail

The BeltLine is a 22-mile loop of historic railroad lines encircling Intown Atlanta with a radius of two-to-four miles from Atlanta's center. Over 100,000 people live within half a mile of the BeltLine, which connects 45 of the city's neighborhoods. 

The Atlanta BeltLine's Northeast Trail starts at Monroe and Piedmont Rd. The first point of entry in Piedmont Heights will be at Clear Creek and Monroe at Ansley Mall. Another entrance will be on Montgomery Ferry Rd by the bridge near Ansley Golf Course. The trail will continue through the Armour/Ottley area and the Buford-Spring Connector, terminating at the Lindbergh Marta Station. See PiHi Alliance boundary map.

For your safety and to avoid disruption and delays during construction, please stay off the trail while work is underway. Check out the latest info from the BeltLine's May 14, 2020, webinar. 

Part of the Northeast Trail behind Ansley Mall from Monroe to Mayson Street is slated to open in end of 2020!

You can report maintenance issues on the trail by calling (404) 546-0311 or visiting

For more information on the current plans for using the BeltLine, see the BeltLine website:

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