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Check out our resident spotlights, highlighting your neighbors around Piedmont Heights!

A huge thanks to Helen Kacur from Rockridge Place for volunteering to write these Spotlights so that we can all get to know each other better!

  • 15 Dec 2022 9:13 AM | Anonymous

    Our Resident Spotlight has introduced us to many of our fellow neighbors of Piedmont Heights. It has been wonderful to get to know their backgrounds, favorite stores and restaurants, and what they love about living in our neighborhood. As we close out 2022 and we gather with family and friends, it seemed appropriate to turn the spotlight on all of the residents of Piedmont Heights.

    We are a group connected by our shared geography. Our homes are nestled along quiet streets leading down the gentle slopes from Piedmont Avenue. It is where we walk our dogs, raise our families, enjoy retirement, and entertain friends. But we are connected in many more ways. We all give time and energy to uplift the people and projects of our community.

    As we work, learn, play, volunteer, and serve with devotion and passion, our community thrives and becomes a place of joy and pride. We all bring so much to this effort.

    And so this spotlight shines on each of us as we reflect and look to 2023 with anticipation and excitement to welcome the New Year together as a united, strong, and hopeful community.

    May 2023 be filled with dreams and possibility of things that have never been before.

    --Helen Kacur (Rockridge Place), Steward of the Resident Spotlight, PHCA Board and Communications Committee

  • 11 Oct 2022 3:08 PM | Anonymous

    We caught up with Ilene Bauer who has called Piedmont Heights home since 2010. She and her husband, Ryan, live on the Rockridge Place cul-de-sac with their son, Nathan, who just turned three, and Winnie, a terrier mix who is nearly 14. Ilene is a recruiter for a Bay Area staffing firm, and Ryan leads the data insights practice for a consulting firm.

    Why did you choose Piedmont Heights?

    We love the area. It is truly in the city center but with a neighborhood feel.

    Any hobbies?

    Ryan collects, trades, and sells sports cards. I’m dedicated to my Peloton. And we both love to travel.

    What have been your favorite trips?

    We’ve been on safari in South Africa and Botswana, went to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, snorkeled with sea lions in the Galapagos, drove up an active volcano in Iceland, and went spelunking in the Azores. Since having our son, Nathan, in 2019, we have done more beach vacations.

    What other trips do you have planned?

    Ryan wants to see the pyramids in Egypt, and I want to go to Antarctica to check off visiting all seven continents.

    What's your favorite store in Piedmont Heights?

    Brooklyn Bagel! We are so happy to finally have a true deli in the neighborhood with legit bagels.

    What is your favorite show to stream?

    We love Ted Lasso on Apple TV and Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

    What's one thing about you that surprises people?

    I was the first person at the University of Florida to join Facebook.

    And finally, what do you think makes Piedmont Heights a great neighborhood?

    It’s a hidden gem! We can walk to three supermarkets, lots of great restaurants, easily hop on the Beltline, and we’re right next to 75/85/400.

    Thanks to PHCA Board Member Helen Kacur for volunteering to interview Fabricio and write this Resident Spotlight! And be sure to check out our archive of Resident Spotlights.


  • 26 May 2022 9:50 PM | Anonymous

    We turn the spotlight onto a recent family addition to our little enclave, Hanish Patel and his wife, Paru, who moved here in 2019. Their cute daughter, Sita, celebrated her first birthday in February. They also have a mischievous beagle, Penny, adopted from Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue. You’ll find them taking long walks in the neighborhood. Here are a few things that Hanish shared about himself.

    Why did you choose Piedmont Heights as your new home?

    We found Piedmont Heights to be the perfect Atlanta neighborhood, with everything we were looking for — cool neighbors, restaurants, necessities like grocery stores, and little hidden gems.

    What's your favorite restaurant or store in Piedmont Heights?

    For shopping, I’m the type of person that just enjoys wandering the aisles of Kroger. But my inner child loves Richard’s Variety Store, where I could easily spend thousands of dollars on toys and board games. Our favorite eatery in Piedmont Heights is currently Brooklyn Bagel. Thank you to the Ahlzadeh family for opening a great spot in our neighborhood!

    What's one of your favorite memories?

    Spending every summer as a child in India, especially the rural villages where my parents grew up. I remember eating mangos that were pulled straight from a tree. I have not had mangos as perfect and delicious since.

    Do you do any volunteer work?

    Yes, I serve as a chair and attorney-volunteer with the Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. I now also serve on the Parks Committee for the board of the Piedmont Heights Civic Association.

    What's one thing about you that surprises people?

    I aspire to be a stand-up comedian! I’ve always enjoyed stand-up comedy and am fascinated by the process of coming up with, and writing down, jokes. It is an art. Hopefully I can do some more open mic nights this year!

    Thanks to PHCA Board Member Helen Kacur for volunteering to interview Fabricio and write this Resident Spotlight! And be sure to check out our archive of Resident Spotlights.

  • 17 Mar 2022 10:11 AM | Anonymous

    Fabricio is a native of Brazil who lives in the historic Liddell House on Montgomery Ferry Rd. with his spouse, Jess Gardner; their two children, Lorenzo and Gabriella; Tito, their adorable terrier; and Amber, a calico cat. We caught up with Fabricio to learn about his life in Piedmont Heights.

    Editor’s note: The Liddell House is a landmark on the Piedmont Heights Walking Tour.

    Tell us about your move to Piedmont Heights.

    We moved here in 2005. We were originally looking for a lot to build a house. The location was great, and the property size of this lot was great. Once we learned the history of the home, there was no way we could knock it down, so we decided to renovate it and make it our own.

    What are your hobbies?

    I love to entertain, cook, and travel. I’m very involved in Morningside Elementary School’s PTA and fundraising. I’m also on the board of a nonprofit called For The Kid In All Of Us that provides backpacks and toys for all children in need in our community.

    What do you think makes Piedmont Heights a great neighborhood?

    I love how walkable it is – we can get to the grocery stores, restaurants, shops, all within minutes. We love taking walks around the neighborhood, and we always run into familiar faces – it’s such a community feel. Now that the BeltLine entrance on Montgomery Ferry is open, we love going for bike rides and enjoying all that the BeltLine has to offer.

    What's your favorite restaurant in Piedmont Heights?

    We’re regulars at Bantam & Biddy! We really enjoy sitting on the side patio while the kids play on Ansley Mall courtyard.

    What's your favorite word?

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I know it’s a made up word, but learning it with my kids is a wonderful memory! This Brazilian native had a hard time memorizing it.

    What are your favorite spots to travel to and where do you hope most to visit?

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has a special place in my heart, and I love the Greek islands. The Maldives is on my bucket list!

    For what are you most grateful for today?

    I’m grateful everyday for my family! Having two kids and a partner to share with this experience we call life has been a wonderful blessing!

    Thanks to PHCA Board Member Helen Kacur for volunteering to interview Fabricio and write this Resident Spotlight!

  • 08 Oct 2020 12:15 PM | Anonymous

    How long have you lived in Piedmont Heights? We've been in our home on Wimbledon for three and a half years.

    What do you love most about the area? Our neighbors, the proximity to everything, and it's becoming more walkable all the time!

    What's your favorite local business in Piedmont Heights? Little Rey—we love the steak tacos and the hotcakes!

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