• 23 Dec 2020 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    A huge thank you to NPU-F Vice President Kay Stephenson, PHCA Safety Chair Susan Kanellos, Melina Welch, and Leah Matthews for organizing the DBA BBQ holiday lunch for our Atlanta Police officers in Zone 6! Officers that cover Piedmont Heights' section in Zone 2 were also showered with Chick-fil-A gift cards! 

  • 22 Dec 2020 6:05 PM | Anonymous

    Vote at the Mobile Van from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Morningside Baptist Church parking lot on Montgomery Ferry Rd.


    If you can't make the Mobile Voting Van on December 23, be sure to cast your ballot before it's too late!

    You can vote on Tuesday, January 5. If you live in Piedmont Heights, you're likely assigned to the Morningside Baptist Church Gym location, but double check on the My Georgia Voter page or on their mobile app.

    Or you can vote early in person nearby at places like the Ponce de Leon Library, Buckhead Library, Northside Library, High Museum or Art, State Farm Arena and other locations. Here's the schedule. 

    Security Patrol Bonus & Thanks to APD


    It's Not Too Late to Show Your Appreciation!

    As a special thank you to our Security Patrol officer, help us shower Captain Singh with a special holiday bonus! Give today and learn more about PHCA's Security Patrol & Home Away Watch services. 


    Happy Holidays to APD to Zones 2 & 6

    Thanks to PHCA Safety Chair Susan Kanellos for leading the charge to thank our Atlanta Police officers with some special holiday gifts! 

    • Chick-fil-A gift cards for APD Zone 2
    • DBA BBQ luncheon for APD Zone 6

    IRA Rollover Contributions


    An Alternate Way to Support Piedmont Heights

    You (or your parents or grandparents) may be eligible to make a tax-deductible donation to Piedmont Heights directly from your IRA. Learn more!

    2020 in the Rearview


    Never a Dull Moment, But Lots to Celebrate!

    It's been a crazy year, but Piedmont Heights stayed active and engaged! New art boxes, funds raised for our community Foundation, Luminarias Night for our Healthcare Heroes, BeltLine progress, neighborhood cleanup days, and more. So many reasons to celebrate and be thankful for our "Small Town in the Big City"—check out Piedmont Heights' year in review.

    Looking to 2021... Steve Saenz of Explore Atlanta wants your opinion for his ATL 2021 SURVEY! Steve led our 2019 Piedmont Heights Walking Tour (in person!), and he leads amazing tours all over the City, so take a moment to lend him your thoughts!

    Thank You to Our 2020 Sponsors!


    Seeking 2021 Annual & À La Carte Sponsors

    From as little as $50 to $2,500, our Annual Sponsorships and À La Carte offerings provide great marketing opportunities for local businesses while allowing PHCA to do more! More benefits, community outreach opportunities, neighborhood celebrations, and more. Help us spread the word with your employer or other business connections by introducing us or by sharing our 2021 PHCA Sponsorship Packet PDF.

  • 20 Dec 2020 8:57 PM | Anonymous

    Looking ahead to 2021... Steve Saenz of Explore Atlanta wants your opinion for his ATL 2021 SURVEY! Steve led our 2019 Piedmont Heights Walking Tour (in person!), and he leads amazing tours all over the City, so take a moment to lend him your thoughts for his survey!

    You can also check out the awesome Piedmont Heights info & photos on his website! There's also his Atlanta 1800s quiz that highlights some of the Piedmont Heights' history!

  • 16 Dec 2020 9:48 PM | Anonymous

    Some short-term rental homes continue to cause issues of concern throughout Atlanta neighborhoods and with Atlanta's City Council. Representative Shook proposed a ban on short-term rentals a while back, but the proposal didn't get widespread traction.  

    New, alternative legislation has now been proposed by Councilmembers Andrew Dickens, Matt Westmoreland, Jennifer Ide (our Piedmont Heights representative), Amir Farokhi, Antonio Brown, Michael Julian Bond, and Joyce Sheperd.

    You can read the draft legislation online.

    Feel free to share your thoughts with the PHCA Board and/or at the upcoming NPU-F meeting

  • 16 Dec 2020 12:26 PM | Anonymous

    Learn more about the United Way of Greater Atlanta COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance Program. https://relief.uwga.org/

    The City of Atlanta COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance Program is available only to City of Atlanta residents. Funds may be used to cover past-due rent, utilities, mortgage and security deposits as a result of impending eviction.

  • 14 Dec 2020 1:09 PM | Anonymous

    There's ONE MORE runoff election—for both of the Georgia Senate seats! And one of the Public Service Commissioner seats. Whoever you are voting for, just be sure to vote. 

    • Senate: David Perdue (R-incumbent) & Jon Ossoff (D)
    • Senate: Kelly Loeffler (R-incumbent) &  Rev. Raphael Warnock (D)
    • Public Service Commissioner: Lauren "Bubba" McDonald Jr. (R-incumbent) & Daniel Blackman (D)

    Early voting starts Monday, December 14, and there are absentee ballot drop boxes available. Otherwise, the final day to vote is January 5, 2021.

    And the Mobile Voting Van will be in Piedmont Heights at the Morningside Baptist Church parking lot on Wednesday, December 23, 2020. 

    More info here: https://www.fultoncountyga.gov/inside-fulton-county/fulton-county-departments/registration-and-elections/voting-one-stop-shop

    You can also check your Voter status and verify your January 5 poll location here: https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do

    Early voting locations include:

    • High Museum of Art
    • Ponce de Leon Library
    • Buckhead Library
    • State Farm Arena
    • Mercedes-Benz Stadium
    • Northside Library
    • and more (see the link above)

    Absentee Ballot Drop Box Locations include:

    • Ponce de Leon Library
    • Buckhead Library
    • Northside Library
    • and more (see the link above)

  • 11 Dec 2020 9:04 AM | Anonymous

    On December 8, the Atlanta BeltLine presented updates about the Northeast Trail section that runs through Piedmont Heights. Thanks to everyone who joined in and asked questions, and thanks to the Atlanta BeltLine for doing a great job with the presentation!

    If you missed it, the presentation is online as a PDF with lots of great photos and as a video recording. Older presentations are also on their website.

    video by PiHi resident Gary Dresser (12/18/20)

    Bottom Line - When Will It Open?!

    The section from the Montgomery Ferry Bridge up to the Buford Highway Connector is scheduled to open by the end of January 2021! Keep your fingers crossed for great weather and healthy workers!

    Where Can I Access the BeltLine?

    There will be a ramp on the south side of the Montgomery Ferry Bridge leading down to the trail. Currently, there is NOT a plan for a public entrance at Ansley Mall by the Publix. This gate is a construction entrance (and that Georgia Power can use for maintenance).

    What Kind of Work Has Been Going On?

    In addition to the Georgia Power work on the electrical lines, work has focused on utilities, drainage systems, paving, and environmental plantings (thanks, Trees Atlanta!).

    What's Next?

    They'll pave the ramp from the bridge down to the trail last, since it's one of their only construction entrances, and they don't want to damage it once it's paved. Also, more plantings will be installed on the portion behind Flagler Avenue and between the ramp and the triplex home on Montgomery Ferry. Lighting will also be installed.

    What further down the timeframe?

    LOTS! Design documents, permits, and funding! These are all needed to:

    • Extend the paved trail north of Buford Connector to Mayson Street, and also south from Montgomery Ferry to Westminster at the Piedmont Park entrance.
    • Install another entrance ramp off Piedmont Ave.

    Design documents are currently under review, about 90% complete.  They're in conversations with City of Atlanta and GDOT for permitting - could take 6 months minimum or up to 1 year with GDOT. Also working on funding for upcoming fiscal year, but it's not secured yet, but it's at the top of the queue for their projects. Hope to have an update in a few months with more specifics.

    Also still working on the connection with the Armour area. The original idea wouldn't work for Norfolk Southern, so they had to rethink their plan of how to cross over. Any plan also has to work with CSX rail, MARTA, GA Power, etc. Will have more info here in 2021.

    What about a private access point from Ansley Monroe Villas?

    Megan (BeltLine) met with Ansley Monroe Villas HOA a few months ago. BeltLine doesn't build these connections, but they will work with HOAs who want a connection onto the trail from their private property. Working through what this connection will look like. Existing fence was put up as a temporary measure during GA Power utility construction. No plans for a permanent fence in this area, and it sounds like various neighbors have different opinions about whether they want a permanent fence or not. TBD.

    What about the wooden bridge over Clear Creek behind Publix and Ansley Golf?

    The bridge behind Ansley Golf & Publix has great infrastructure, which will be reused. They will redo the wooden part that's in need of repair though and add on to it.

    What about connecting to Lindbergh MARTA?

    At least 3 years for design and permits. Plus they need to raise $120 million in funding. They have about $8 million identified so far.

  • 30 Nov 2020 5:27 PM | Anonymous

    Paul Coleman, longtime owner of the Two Minit Car Wash at Piedmont Avenue and Rock Springs Road, passed away on November 16. He is survived by his wife, Heather; his father, Bobby; his brother, Eddie; and several nieces and nephews.

    Paul’s father bought the car wash in 1974, and Paul began working there as a young boy. He quickly demonstrated a head for business, and in the late 1970s had the idea of putting a mannequin out front to attract customers. He installed a life-sized mechanical clown, which turned its head and waved at passersby, but it quickly drew complaints from customers who found it “creepy.” Paul exchanged it for a gorilla, which evolved into such a neighborhood landmark that the business became known as the “Gorilla Car Wash.” One customer even named the gorilla “George.”

    When Paul’s father retired in 1997, Paul took over. George aged over the years and at one point had become so scraggly that Paul “retired” him also. But regular customers complained so much that Paul moved him back out front. Since then, George has had three new “suits” and two “operations” on his mechanical innards.

    George almost bought the farm in 1999 when a water heater pilot light set off leaking gas fumes in the storage room where he spends the nights. The explosion blew out the door and windows and singed George badly, but he survived; that was when got his last new suit. Now his fur has become shaggy again; he can no longer turn his head nor wave at passersby.

    In 2015, this newsletter first wrote about Paul and his gorilla, suggesting perhaps it was time to have a neighborhood fundraiser to rehabilitate George. Wouldn’t that be a most fitting memorial for Paul?

    What about it, Piedmont Heights?

    By Bill Seay (Rock Springs Rd.)

  • 24 Nov 2020 3:57 PM | Anonymous


    During the pandemic, our brave firefighters keep doing what they do best – keeping our neighborhood safe!

    Sign up to bring a dish during the Thanksgiving holiday to say thanks!

  • 19 Nov 2020 7:04 PM | Anonymous

    Runoff Election is Dec. 1

    Early Voting Is Underway

    My Voter Page

    Two runoff elections are currently underway. It is very important that you request a ballot for BOTH elections regardless of party affiliation. They will not automatically give you a ballot with both races. You have to request a ballot for the Congressional runoff and the runoff for State Senate District 39.

    The first election is to temporarily fill Congressman Lewis unexpired term through the end of 2020. Former City Councilman Kwanzaa Hall (D) and former Morehouse President Robert Franklin (D) are in the runoff. The winner will serve maybe 2-3 weeks before our former State Senator, Nikema Williams (D), is sworn in for a full term in January 2021.

    The second runoff election is to fill State Senator Nikema Williams' seat in the Georgia State Senate. Sonya Halpern (D) is running against Linda Pritchett (D).  

    (THANK YOU, PiHi resident Kevin Perry, for clarifying this confusing runoff situation! Otherwise, content taken from the 11/6/20 Fulton County email newsletter)
    2020 Elections Early Voting Machines

    Early voting for the December 1, 2020 Runoff Election begins on November 9, 2020. 

    Early Voting Days and Times

    Early Voting will take place 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. on the following days:

    • Monday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10
    • Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13
    • Monday, November 16 to Friday, November 20
    • Saturday, November 21
    • Monday, November 23 to Wednesday, November 25

    Early Voting Locations

    Absentee Voting

    Georgia law allows residents to vote by absentee ballot, sometimes known as voting by mail.

    Residents can download an Absentee Ballot Application and upload it through the Fulton Absentee Portal as a .pdf or .jpg between 1MB and 5 MB. Each submission must have only one application. 

    Residents can also return an absentee ballot application (e.g., by email, fax, postal mail, or dropbox) or make a written request.

    Learn more about absentee voting.

    My Voter Page

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