Beltline Meeting Summary - December 2020

11 Dec 2020 9:04 AM | Anonymous

On December 8, the Atlanta BeltLine presented updates about the Northeast Trail section that runs through Piedmont Heights. Thanks to everyone who joined in and asked questions, and thanks to the Atlanta BeltLine for doing a great job with the presentation!

If you missed it, the presentation is online as a PDF with lots of great photos and as a video recording. Older presentations are also on their website.

video by PiHi resident Gary Dresser (12/18/20)

Bottom Line - When Will It Open?!

The section from the Montgomery Ferry Bridge up to the Buford Highway Connector is scheduled to open by the end of January 2021! Keep your fingers crossed for great weather and healthy workers!

Where Can I Access the BeltLine?

There will be a ramp on the south side of the Montgomery Ferry Bridge leading down to the trail. Currently, there is NOT a plan for a public entrance at Ansley Mall by the Publix. This gate is a construction entrance (and that Georgia Power can use for maintenance).

What Kind of Work Has Been Going On?

In addition to the Georgia Power work on the electrical lines, work has focused on utilities, drainage systems, paving, and environmental plantings (thanks, Trees Atlanta!).

What's Next?

They'll pave the ramp from the bridge down to the trail last, since it's one of their only construction entrances, and they don't want to damage it once it's paved. Also, more plantings will be installed on the portion behind Flagler Avenue and between the ramp and the triplex home on Montgomery Ferry. Lighting will also be installed.

What further down the timeframe?

LOTS! Design documents, permits, and funding! These are all needed to:

  • Extend the paved trail north of Buford Connector to Mayson Street, and also south from Montgomery Ferry to Westminster at the Piedmont Park entrance.
  • Install another entrance ramp off Piedmont Ave.

Design documents are currently under review, about 90% complete.  They're in conversations with City of Atlanta and GDOT for permitting - could take 6 months minimum or up to 1 year with GDOT. Also working on funding for upcoming fiscal year, but it's not secured yet, but it's at the top of the queue for their projects. Hope to have an update in a few months with more specifics.

Also still working on the connection with the Armour area. The original idea wouldn't work for Norfolk Southern, so they had to rethink their plan of how to cross over. Any plan also has to work with CSX rail, MARTA, GA Power, etc. Will have more info here in 2021.

What about a private access point from Ansley Monroe Villas?

Megan (BeltLine) met with Ansley Monroe Villas HOA a few months ago. BeltLine doesn't build these connections, but they will work with HOAs who want a connection onto the trail from their private property. Working through what this connection will look like. Existing fence was put up as a temporary measure during GA Power utility construction. No plans for a permanent fence in this area, and it sounds like various neighbors have different opinions about whether they want a permanent fence or not. TBD.

What about the wooden bridge over Clear Creek behind Publix and Ansley Golf?

The bridge behind Ansley Golf & Publix has great infrastructure, which will be reused. They will redo the wooden part that's in need of repair though and add on to it.

What about connecting to Lindbergh MARTA?

At least 3 years for design and permits. Plus they need to raise $120 million in funding. They have about $8 million identified so far.

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