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10 Jun 2019 3:48 PM | Anonymous

Your Piedmont Heights Civic Association (PHCA) Board is a group of very dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly for you, the residents of Piedmont Heights.

Recently, several Allen Road, Piedmont Way and White Oak Hollow residents in our neighborhood have complained about significant flooding caused by storm water runoff from the Hedgewood Rock Spring development next to the Rock Springs Presbyterian Church.  Those residents sent the PHCA a letter asking for our assistance.  A number of those residents spoke to our May 7 PHCA Board Meeting voicing their concerns.  Don Donnelly from Hedgewood was also there.

Based on information from that meeting, observations of the culverts and evidence of inadequate drainage, and several videos of storm water runoff on Allen Rd, the PHCA Board believes there is a significant problem caused by the Hedgewood development's drainage system and lack of adequate City of Atlanta storm water drainage in that area. We sent a letter to Don Donnelly of Hedgewood, Neighborhood Planning Unit F (NPU-F),

Council Member Jennifer Ide and City Planning Deputy Director Doug Young in addition to the residents who made the complaints. We asked for NPU-F, Council Member Ide and City of Atlanta assistance in getting this issue resolved. Since the letter was sent, we've talked with Council Member Ide’s Office and met again with residents and Hedgewood to discuss this situation.  At the May 20 NPU-F Meeting we introduced Piedmont Heights residents and Don Donnelly who presented the problem to the NPU.  NPU-F unanimously passed our motion to work with PHCA, Hedgewood, affected Piedmont Heights residents and the City of Atlanta to get an equitable solution to this problem. A proposed solution is to build an approximate 600 foot storm sewer connecting the Hedgewood development and the existing City storm sewer which has its first intake at a low point in Allen Rd, about 600 feet from the end of Allen Rd. 

Council Member Ide’s Office has met with representatives from the affected area and is pushing City of Atlanta Watershed Management to help get this significant situation resolved.

Your Board is dedicated to helping resolve this and other significant problems facing your neighborhood. We need your help by joining and being involved in the Association; volunteering to work on the Board or PCHA Committees; identifying issues the Association should address and keeping this “Small Town in a Big City” a great place to live.

Jim Hardy, Piedmont Heights Civic Association President


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