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20 Apr 2021 8:35 PM | Anonymous

The PHCA Board is a small group – fewer than 12 neighborhood volunteers, but we often hear from neighbors who are passionate about Piedmont Heights – and frustrated by the increase in crime, concerns about safety, and the lack of enforcement by the City to fix these ongoing issues. 

Here are a few ways you, our neighbor, can help!

We're all experiencing the impact of the increased business at the clubs in this area – and the violence, noise, and lewd and threatening conduct of some of their patrons. As clubs in other parts of Metro Atlanta closed, their business came here. We're all frustrated and angry about the situation. Our Civic Association has been working tirelessly with other neighborhoods, NPU-F, Atlanta Police, Councilmember Ide's office, other Council members, and some dedicated citizen groups to not just respond to the increasing criminal activity around the clubs but to change the antiquated and ill-enforced liquor licensing laws in the City and to make the License Review Board do their job to support the citizens of Atlanta.

The City Council recently formed a Task Force Group to make recommendations for changes. Councilmember Ide is on that Task Force, and two members of NPU-F are also on it. We've provided a number of recommended changes, primarily about inspections and enforcement of the laws and policies. The Mayor's Nuisance Properties Task Force is also taking action against some of the worst offending clubs.

All of those actions unfortunately take time. You'll probably remember it took PHCA more than two years to get the liquor license for the former Room Service Lounge suspended for a year, which led to their closure.

We believe that combining forces and making more voices heard is what makes a difference. 

  • Report all incidents to the Police by calling 911 and follow-up with PHCA to inform us about the incident. 
  • Attend Piedmont Heights Civic Association Board Meetings on Zoom and voice your concerns. We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm - check the calendar for the next meeting.
  • Contact us with your concerns.
  • Attend NPU-F meetings and ask questions when Atlanta Police representatives give their presentations.
  • Contact our City Council Members (both District 6 and the At-Large Council Members) pushing them for action.
  • Also email the Mayor and the City Council President.
  • Attend the Atlanta License Review Board hearings to see how they operate. The more they see from neighborhoods, the more they'll take notice of our concerns.
  • Consider joining the PHCA Board of Directors or volunteering with us. We're a small group, but we work tirelessly to make our community stronger.
  • For businesses, become a member of our sister organization, PiHi Alliance.

Love your community by showing up, speaking up, and supporting your neighborhood. 

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