Resident Spotlight: Regina Story

14 Apr 2021 12:48 PM | Anonymous

Regina, along with her husband, Paul, has been a resident of Piedmont Heights for nearly nine years. Here are a few questions we asked Regina to get to know her better.

Where do you hope most to visit when the pandemic is over?

Any island sounds amazing right now to just relax at a pool next to the beach and go scuba diving. Or maybe Puerto Vallarta, a place we love to visit.

In the meantime, what does an ideal day in Piedmont Heights look like for you?

I’d start the day with breakfast at home, then head over to Ansley Mall for some shopping, get my nails done, and then have lunch at Bantam & Biddy. Next, I’d stroll to Piedmont Park and the Botanical Gardens. After resting at home for a bit, I’d head over for drinks at the rooftop at Grana and then have dinner there. To end the evening, I’d share a little time at a neighbor’s house.

What are your other favorite restaurants or stores?

Our favorite restaurant is Grindhouse Burgers. For shopping I enjoy Richard’s Variety Shop and, of course, Publix.

What was your first job?

I was a telemarketer for a dating service. This was before they had the websites and apps.

What's your favorite word?

Hope. It is a word I’ve learned to cherish from my brother who passed nine years ago.

For what are you most grateful for today?

My health. And the support, guidance, and love of my husband and our fur babies, family, friends, and business partners.

Thanks to Piedmont Heights Resident Helen Kacur for volunteering to interview Jim and write this Resident Spotlight!

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