What's Next for Rock Spring Presbyterian & the Hedgewood Homes Development?

10 Feb 2021 4:07 PM | Anonymous

Heritage Preparatory School recently purchased Rock Spring Presbyterian Church (including its Loudermilk Center building). In addition, it purchased the entire Hedgewood Homes development adjacent to the church – the three homes recently built and the rest of the property where an additional six homes were slated to be added next.

As a Landmark Historic Site, the church facade will be preserved by Heritage School, along with the sanctuary and the History Room. Three other rooms in the building will be reconfigured for classroom use for Upper School students.

The Loudermilk Center will become Founders Hall and will be used as a student center.

One of the new homes recently completed by Hedgewood Homes will be converted into a visual arts center with student gallery space, teaching areas, and a pottery studio. The specific use for the other two homes is still being decided.

The existing driveway into the church will also be eliminated in lieu of the new road originally planned for the Hedgewood development. Great idea, as that intersection at Montgomery Ferry and Piedmont Road isn’t the safest; the new driveway is better located to provide a safer experience for Heritage School’s high school drivers and others.

Heritage School will also be installing a large water retention system on the property to alleviate the flooding issues that have been plaguing Allen Rd. and Piedmont Way. More detailed planning is underway for this solution, and permitting will be required before installation can begin, so keep your fingers crossed for April or May.

Heritage School has been an outstanding neighbor for many years and a conscientious steward in their relationship with Morningside Baptist Church, another historic landmark in Piedmont Heights and where their Lower & Middle School classrooms reside. We’re delighted to see this positive outcome for this historic Piedmont Heights landmark after the Rock Spring Presbyterian Church congregation voted to close its ministry in late 2019. Thank you to the leadership of Heritage School, particularly its president, Matt Skinner, for making this possible!

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