Greater Piedmont Heights Master Plan

The 2023-24 Master Plan Refresh

Piedmont Heights is embarking upon a project to refresh its Master Plan! Learn more and please join us for one of our opportunities as we gather input during our community forums.

Click here for the Master Framework & Overview as presented on September 13, 2012.

The final Stakeholders Presentation of the Greater Piedmont Heights Master Framework Plan took place on September 13, 2012.


Stakeholders in this plan are not just Piedmont Heights residents, businesses and institutions but, equally important, all those in abutting neighborhoods, the Cheshire Bridge Road corridor, the Armour/Ottley industrial area and the Sweetwater Design District.


The seeds for this plan were sown in the spring of 2006 when Livable Communities Coalition held a workshop for Piedmont Heights to address the impact of the proposed Atlanta BeltLine which would run along its western border. Later that year the Georgia Conservancy organized Blueprints Piedmont Heights and produced a Long Term Vision for the neighborhood which subsequently greatly influenced BeltLine Plans for the community and the surrounding area. 

Today there are two BeltLine Plans overlapping in Piedmont Heights (with multiple transit and trail routes), a Connect Atlanta plan, studies for a MARTA/multi-modal station, a Clifton Corridor transit line, new GA-400/I-85 Ramps, concepts to alter Monroe Drive/I-85, trails along Peachtree Creek and its South Fork, and multiple proposed private developments, all of which radically impact, for good and bad, Piedmont Heights and surrounding communities.

So, why another plan? They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but Piedmont Heights is faced with a “thousand pictures” and uncoordinated scenarios. We need only “one picture” but one which will unify the best concepts of all the others into a single workable plan.

In December, 2011 the Piedmont Heights Civic Association hired three noted planners to develop this plan for Piedmont Heights and its environs: David Green with Perkins+Will, Peter Drey with Peter Drey Associates and John Wyle with Rosser International, assisted by Ryan Gravel (“father” of the BeltLine) and Heather Alhadeff (former Director of Transportation for the City of Atlanta). The finished plan focuses on infrastructure and connectivity. A network of streets, trails and green spaces will encourage responsible development and appropriate transit, vehicular and pedestrian movements for a fully integrated and connected community.

What credibility will the plan have?  The power of any plan resides in the voices and efforts of the people who support it, which power can absolutely influence the future.  A very dramatic example is the new 14th Street Bridge in Midtown. GDOT initially designed a plain vanilla 8-lane bridge. Midtown Alliance, along with the Home Park Community Improvement Association, hired Peter Drey to design a new bridge. Peter eliminated two traffic lanes, added a landscaped median, decorative screens and lighting—and they convinced GDOT to build it! 


Click here for the Master Framework & Overview as presented on September 13, 2012.


1. Unify the many plans by others in and around Piedmont Heights into a single implementable Master Framework Plan leveraging community assets, respecting the interests of all persons and following the Hannover Principles.*

2. Modify Buford Highway, Monroe Drive and Piedmont Road for more appropriate interface with abutting neighborhoods and to divert through traffic away from residential areas. 

3. Transform the open space under I-85 and along the Peachtree Creek waterway into cultural and environmental assets.

4. Alter internal streets and intersections for safety and walkability, to minimize vehicle/pedestrian conflicts and to encourage appropriate new development.

5. Create a plan for additional green space and a pedestrian network connecting the neighborhood to the BeltLine, nearby trails, parks, creeks and open spaces.

6. Integrate existing and proposed public transit systems ensuring minimum disruption and optimum access.


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