Major Ongoing PiHi Concerns

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    10th & Monroe Street Closures June 9-14

    Full street closures from the evening of Sunday, June 9 to the evening of Friday, June 14.

    Night construction is expected to occur. Read on for more details below the map and on this PDF from the BeltLine.

    Full street closures from the evening of Sunday, June 9 to the evening of Friday, June 14.

    Night construction is expected to occur.

    Single lane closures occurring following June 14 for sidewalk work.  

    During this period, trail users can detour via Kanuga to Virginia and Charles Allen to 8th Street with Park Tavern remaining open along 10th Street. All traffic interruptions will utilize a combination of flaggers, cones/barrel, and, if needed, off duty police officers to direct traffic to allow crews to work safely in the street. During the construction period, trail users will be able to detour around the work.

    Trail users and vehicle drivers should use caution at the intersection.

    This area will be fenced off for safety.

    Full project completion is anticipated in September 2024.

    More about this part of the BeltLine Project

    The 10th and Monroe project will provide improved pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements at the intersection of 10th Street NE and Monroe Drive NE. Work includes a raised intersection, improved crossings and pedestrian signals, new traff ic signals at Kanuga St NE and Monroe Drive NE, and an improved bike access on 10th Street NE that will provide direct entrance to the BeltLine. The project is in collaboration with the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Department of Transportation, and Renew Atlanta and is part of the Atlanta BeltLine Northeast Trail – Segment 1, which extends 0.9 miles from the end of the current Eastside Trail at Monroe Drive to Westminster Drive.

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    May 2024: 

    ALL LANES of Cheshire Bridge have reopened!

    Memorial Weekend is a great time to support these wonderful businesses!

    December 30, 2023 – Update from District 6 Councilmember Alex Wan

    The following is an update of the Cheshire Bridge Road bridge situation. Please know that I have remained in contact with the administration on the project, but we have not had anything substantive to report out until today as we have been coordinating with a variety of agencies and partners in a coordinated effort to assess the conditions and path forward.

    Repair versus Rebuild – The good news is that it appears that the bridge can be repaired by shoring up the existing supports and replacing a portion of the bridge versus having to demolish and completely rebuild the entire structure. While the initial approach was to get one or two lanes re-opened as soon as possible and continue working on the remainder of the bridge to open it to traffic, it has been determined that it is better long term to complete the entire rehab work at once. Unfortunately, the repair time is estimated to be 10 weeks; however, it would result in the entire roadway being opened to traffic with no near-term need to replace the existing bridge. ATLDOT and I commit to remain vigilant during construction so that potential for delay is identified and addressed proactively.

    Encampment Strategy – The City had crews onsite today to remove items from the encampments here and at nearby overpasses. I have discussed directly with the Mayor about a developing and executing strategy to secure these critical infrastructure assets going forward. This is going to take a sustained, concerted effort with our state partners, which will begin in earnest in January. Partners for HOME is also engaged to support the individuals in the area.

    Traffic Impact Mitigation – As volume returns to normal levels after the holidays, the ATLDOT Commissioner Caviness has committed to me to monitor the traffic in the corridor and adjacent neighborhoods closely and to take appropriate mitigation measures to relieve pressure where possible given this outage as well as the lingering LaVista Road/Cheshire Bridge Road intersection limitations from the apartment fire.

    I appreciate everyone’s continued patience, especially those who live and work near the area, as we keep moving through this crisis as quickly as we can.



    WHAT: The Atlanta Department of Transportation has closed a portion of Cheshire Bridge Road NE to traffic due to potential unsafe conditions caused by an overnight fire underneath the bridge overpass.

    WHERE: Cheshire Bridge Road NE from just north of Faulkner Road NE to Piedmont Avenue NE

    WHEN: Effective immediately, Cheshire Bridge Road NE from Faulkner Road NE to Piedmont Avenue NE is closed to all traffic until further notice. The bridge is closed for the safety of the traveling public due to potential damage caused by an overnight fire.

    DETAILS: Motorists should avoid the area. Please observe all “Closed,” “Caution,” and directional signage. Alternate routes have been added to GPS navigation services.

    Questions and/or concerns related to this closure may be directed to Atlanta Department of Transportation at:


    WSB TV:

    From Councilmember Alex Wan's Office on 12/20/23

    As is the case with you all, waking up to another Cheshire Bridge fire was the last way I hoped to start my day. I share in your frustration and that which is general across District 6 and the City.

    Here is an update on the situation:

    In the early morning hours, the bridge over the CSX train tracks at 2000 Cheshire Bridge was affected by a fire lit underneath.

    I have been in communication with the Administration all morning, in particular with Lisa Benjamin, Atlanta COO; Chief Smith of Atlanta Fire and Rescue; and Assistant Zone 2 Commander, Captain Vayens to quickly address the situation. I will remain in close communication with the Administration over the coming days.

    The Department of Public Works is going out to the area today to address the encampments under the bridge.

    Both ATLDOT and GDOT have sent teams out to assess the structural integrity of the bridge. This assessment takes some time and we must, unfortunately, anticipate that the bridge will be closed for a few days while they work.

    ATLDOT released official traffic detour information that is included below.

    Prior to this incident, I had been pushing the departments to address the road closure at Lavista and Cheshire Bridge to alleviate the current traffic limitations. Part of the delay lies with the property owner, but I will now double down on that effort.

    Additionally, I had already raised concerns with the Administration about fires under bridges with the winter months here. I will now put additional pressure on the Administration to address the multiple encampments in our district.

    Please know that as your Councilmember and neighbor, I am committed to resolving this and improving the situation.

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    PiHi Master Plan Party!

    Thanks to the 40+ neighbors who celebrated the PiHi Master Plan at Indie Studios on May 18! Check out the festivities on Instagram.

    PiHi Master Plan - Final Version APproved by PHCA Board

    We are pleased to announce that the PHCA Board unanimously approved the Final version of the PiHi Master Plan on April 2, 2024.

    Public Input OPPORTUNITIES

    OPEN THRU 3/18 | Online Survey #3: The following form is intended to give the neighbors of Piedmont Heights an opportunity for feedback on the final draft of the updated Master Plan. Please use the following link to view the updated plan. Any and all comments are welcome. Take the survey:

    The group working to revise the Piedmont Heights Master Plan has a final draft ready for community review.

    We thank each of you for your involvement along the way. There have been multiple community events as well as various online surveys where we've asked for your input.

    Thank you for taking the time to be an active participant in your community – now and for the future of Piedmont Heights. Neighborhood master plans are key to working with the City of Atlanta around a number of areas, and having an updated master plan is critical.

    As we work toward final approval, Piedmont Heights will keep pace in this way with our surrounding neighborhoods. Morningside-Lenox Park, Virginia-Highland, and Midtown recently updated their Master Plans, which have been adopted by the City of Atlanta. Then the real work begins in terms of how we can implement these plans from paper to reality over time.

    If you're already a member of Piedmont Heights Civic Association, THANK YOU. Your annual or monthly dues, as well as generous donations from our residents and particularly our local business community, have helped us fund this major initiative. If you're not a member, please consider joining today.

    NOW CLOSED | Online Survey #2: This is the second, and final, community engagement survey (survey closed 12/15/23) to inform the Piedmont Heights Master Plan update. The following survey will highlight 10 posters that offer ideas and recommendations to address issues and opportunities in Piedmont Heights, based on initial research and feedback received from the neighborhood. Note that this is not a comprehensive list of recommendations that will be reported in the final plan update. Rather, the concepts above are a sampling of ideas that the project team is seeking your reaction to. Much more will be discussed in the final plan document.

    These posters were initially presented to the community at the annual Piedmont Heights annual neighborhood meeting. If you weren't able to share your thoughts at the meeting, now is your chance to do so!

    NOW CLOSED | Online Survey #1 If you haven't been able to attend in person, or if you've thought of more feedback, please share with us via this online survey.

    Community Forum #1: Tuesday, October 17 | 10am - 7pm | Presentation @ 6pm at Ansley Mall: 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE | Next to AT&T Store. UPDATE – More than 50 people attended Community Forum #1 last week! Thanks for your input as this process is really kicking off now. The consultants are checking it all out as the process continues.

    Small Business Focus Group: Wednesday, October 25 | 9:30am - Noon at Midtown Bowl @ 11th Frame: 1936 Piedmont Circle NE. UPDATE – Thanks to our local businesses who attended this public input opportunity!

    Community Forum #2: Taste of PiHi + Master Planning @ Annual Meeting: Sunday, November 12 from 3-6pm | The Carlyle: 1919 Piedmont Rd. NE. Update: Thanks to the 80+ neighbors and businesses who attended, as well as all of our sponsors: The Carlyle, Nakato, Heritage Prep, Capella Cheese, Gino's, and Nino's.


    A Master Plan is our vision for the future of Piedmont Heights, PiHi. The plan details the current challenges and identifies specific areas and projects to improve our neighborhood.

    The Master Plan will include many areas of concern, such as Transportation and Mobility, Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety, Future Land Use, and Development.


    The current Master Plan, created over 10 years ago, is outdated and does not reflect the significant changes in and around our neighborhood. Once completed, the new Master Plan for Piedmont Heights will be submitted to the Atlanta City Council for review and adoption.

    Once approved, the Master Plan will ensure that Piedmont Heights has influence and “a seat at the table” as the City of Atlanta Dept. of Planning embarks on the city-wide planning process in 2024.

    Our surrounding neighborhoods, Morningside-Lenox Park, Virginia-Highland, and Midtown, have updated their Master Plans, which have been adopted by the City of Atlanta. We cannot let this opportunity pass.


    We Have a Big Announcement!

    September 18, 2023

    The Piedmonts Heights Civic Association (PHCA), in conjunction with our sister organizations PiHi Business Alliance and Piedmont Heights Community Improvement Foundation, is thrilled to share some exciting news with you all regarding our Piedmont Heights neighborhood. PHCA is initiating a project to update the Piedmont Heights Master Plan, marking a significant step forward for guiding our community's growth and development.

    This decision reflects our commitment to ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future for Piedmont Heights. By updating the Master Plan, as many of our neighboring communities have also done, we aim to address the changing needs and aspirations of our residents and businesses, while enhancing the overall quality of life in our neighborhood.

    The updated Master Plan will enable us to evaluate our current strengths, identify areas for improvement, and articulate a clear vision for the future. It will serve as a blueprint that guides future initiatives, projects, and investments in our neighborhood, ensuring that they align with our community's values and objectives.

    To ensure a comprehensive and inclusive process, we will be seeking input and feedback from various stakeholders, including residents, local businesses, and community organizations. By involving everyone in this planning process, we can foster a sense of ownership and collective responsibility for the future of Piedmont Heights.

    This is an exciting time for our neighborhood, as we embark on this journey together. The updated Master Plan will not only shape the physical landscape of Piedmont Heights but also contribute to fostering a strong sense of community, building connections, and enhancing the overall well-being of our residents and local businesses.

    More information and public input opportunities coming soon, so stay tuned!

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    May 2, 2023

    The BeltLine Draft Subarea 6 Master Plan is available for your review and feedback. The purpose of this plan will serve as a policy tool to help guide future growth and development for a vibrant and livable mixed-use community. The draft plan will be open for public comment through the month of June. For questions about the next steps or the plan itself, please contact Lynnette Reid or Brittany Brewster at

    The link for review of the plans has been provided for you below:

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    Thank you for rallying to oppose the special permit requested by the proposed Bath Haus business. PHCA President Bill Compton made the news, advocating on behalf of our community! View the clip

    To our knowledge, neighbors and nearby business owners wrote nearly 200 emails to the City's SAP Committee to deny the SAP-23-12 application to establish Bath Haus at 1783 Cheshire Bridge Road, plus over 1,800 signatures on the online petition. The proposed uses fail to meet several requirements of the Neighborhood Commercial District zoning regulations, including but not limited to 1) adult business uses are not allowed, and 2) failure to meet the parking requirements.

    Listen to MLPA President, Don Campbell, on WABE’s All Things Considered.

    In addition to emailing the City of Atlanta via the process described below, PHCA was just made aware of a petition to support the opposition of the proposed Bath Haus plan at the former Rhodes Bakery property.

    View the Petition

    The petition states: The proposed use fails to meet several requirements of the NC-5 zoning classification including but not limited to:

    • not being complimentary to the adjacent residential neighborhood, 
    • adult business uses are not allowed, and 
    • failing to meet the parking requirement.

    There are 15 Neighborhood Commercial Districts in Atlanta. If the proposed business is permitted to open in NC-5, then a precedent will be set that this applicant or another applicant with similar intentions will attempt to open bathhouses or other adult businesses in Inman Park, Kirkwood, Virginia Highlands, East Atlanta Village, Little Five Points, or any of the other Neighborhood Commercial Districts, as they are all subject to these same regulations.

    The former Rhodes Bakery property is located in Morningside-Lenox Park but is VERY close to us in Piedmont Heights. Thank you to MLPA for sharing this information with the community so that we can now share it with our Piedmont Heights Community!

    Dear Neighbors,

    The former Rhodes Bakery property – at the intersection of Windemere and Cheshire Bridge – was purchased by the owner of Tokyo Valentino, with plans to renovate the building as a spa/massage center to be named Bath Haus.

    This application has been assigned to a Special Administrative Permit (SAP) Hearing at City Hall this Wednesday, April 26.

    The application, SAP-23-12, is for renovations to an existing nonresidential structure for property located at 1783 Cheshire Bridge Road NE. The property is zoned NC-5 (Cheshire Bridge Road South Neighborhood Commercial District). Applications in a Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zoning classification require that an SAP shall be submitted, as applicable, and approved by the Office of Zoning and Development prior to filing for a building permit. Please find the design plans for Bath Haus here.

    The purpose for the SAP public hearing is to provide an opportunity for the public to voice their comments on the proposed scope, in the early stages of the overall review process. The SAP public hearing's purpose is NOT to deliver the final decision on the merits of applications. There will be opportunity for meaningful discussion within the allotted time period for each application. Click here for more information about the SAP process.

    We strongly encourage the neighborhood to let your voices be heard by emailing by 10:00am this Wednesday, April 26. Be sure to include the SAP-23-12 identification number in your correspondence and please cc the following people:

    • PHCA Board –
    • Michael Parkerson –
    • Phyllis Wingo –

    Additionally, complaints about trash and prostitution in the area can be emailed to APD Code Enforcement at, and complaints about illegal parking can be emailed to

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    In August 2021, Cheshire Bridge was compromised after a fire. 

    During this time, thanks to all the neighbors who helped support the many businesses that are OPEN on both sides of the bridge (including in the Manchester district), including PHCA loyal supporters Nakato Japanese RestaurantTaqueria del Sol, Atlanta School of PhotographyThe Buttery ATLDaily ChewCostumes EtcClub Diogi Dog DaycareJohnny's Pizza, and more. 

    ATLDOT Cheshire Bridge Update – April 5, 2023

    You're invited! Ribbon-cutting reopening ceremony for the completion of Cheshire Bridge with Mayor Dickens on Tuesday, April 11 at 2:30 p.m.

    Please park on Faulkner Rd. 

    PRO TIP: Go early for lunch at Taqueria del Sol!

    ATLDOT Cheshire Bridge Update – March 17, 2023

    The two lines that are currently open will be shifting as construction continues on Cheshire Bridge. The bridge will remain open from both directions, but be aware of the lane shifts along with flaggers helping to direct traffic. Go slow and be alert.

    ATLDOT Cheshire Bridge Update – October 31, 2022 (PDF)

    Cheshire Bridge IS NOW OPEN! One lane in each direction, plus one sidewalk.

    The "soft reopening" occurred on Monday, October 31, 2022 – what a treat for Halloween for all the businesses and residents who have endured this ordeal for so long!

    Special guests spoke at the short ceremony, including Mayor Dickens, Councilmember Wan, and Atlanta DOT Commissioner Marsha Anderson Bomar. The full completion is currently anticipated for February 2023.

    Please be patient with fellow drivers as everyone adjusts to the new traffic flow during the remainder of construction.

    Of course, tons of news stations were there; check out the coverage below.


    Update from October 2022

    One lane in each direction will open to traffic after a soft opening ceremony with the City of Atlanta on Monday, October 31, at noon.

    Once the entire bridge is completed (by the end of this year), a bigger ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in early 2023!

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update – September 23, 2022

    Update from Councilmember Wan's email newsletter on 9/14/22: The rebuild of Cheshire Bridge will include bike lanes! The contractor is on track to have one lane open in each direction by the October 31 milestone. The remaining two lanes will follow quickly as the foundations/piers will already be in place. And additional funding is included in the infrastructure bond approved by voters earlier this year to repave the entire stretch of Cheshire Bridge Road. Timing TBD on this part.

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update – September 9, 2022

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update – August 11, 2022

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - June 10, 2022 (From Councilmember Wan's email newsletter:

    Cheshire Bridge construction is now underway with a projected completion date of Halloween 2022. The city has contracted with C.W. Matthews for the design-build work, and the contract includes financial incentives to the contractor for early completion. They will prioritize getting the travel lanes open first as soon as they are ready, and they will continue the other project work afterward to get traffic relief as quickly as possible.

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update – July 8, 2022

    Drone Video Footage of Cheshire Bridge - July 2022

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - May 5, 2022

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - February 16, 2022

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - January 27, 2022

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - December 2, 2021

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - November 4, 2021

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - October 6, 2021

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - September 22, 2021

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - September 8, 2021

    ATL DOT Cheshire Bridge Update - August 30, 2021

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    May 2023 Noise Variance Updates

    FYI – The Fairfield Development at 1950 Piedmont Circle (former InTown Suites property) has been granted a Temporary Noise Ordinance Variance. Intermittently for about the next six months or so, they'll be pouring concrete as early as 5:00 a.m.

    December 2022/January 2023 Noise Alert!

    Blasting is being done at the Fairfield Residential construction site (former InTown Suites) at 1944 Piedmont Rd. at the intersection of Piedmont Circle and Monroe Drive, across from Midtown Bowl and Atlanta Fire Station #29. We heard that one blast on 12/27 could be felt by some of our PiHi neighbors on Wimbledon Rd. and side streets. There are approximately four more days of blasting expected – with a drilling day rotated in between each blasting day. All blasting should be complete by January 11, weather permitting.

    Fall 2022 Update

    Fairfield Residential apartments (former InTown Suites): Right now, they expect to start opening in mid/late 2024 and likely to complete sometime early/mid 2025. 

    Learn More About the Fairfield Resident Apartments Project:

  • 15 Dec 2022 1:16 PM | Anonymous

    Info about the GDOT Roundabout at Monroe Dr. & Armour Dr.

    Update - December 15 from Councilmember Alex Wan

    State Representative Stacey Evans and I recently met with GDOT representatives to discuss their plans to install a roundabout at the entrance of Monroe Drive and Buford Highway Connector across from Fire Station 29. GDOT had recently solicited input from the community about this project, and many of you had voiced your concerns about the initial indications that the interchange would be completely shut down for 10 months during construction.

    We are relieved to share with you that we received assurances that such an extended closure is now off the table. Instead, the construction will be staged in such a way that sections of the interchange will be closed for much shorter durations (needed due to the extensive site grading work that will be required). Additionally, we learned that this work is not slated to begin until mid-2024 as GDOT spends the bulk of next year in the design process.

    Rep. Evans and I will remain in close communication with their team and continue to share out all information on this project as we receive it.


    GDOT is collecting feedback for their NEXT proposed roundabout, planned just up the road from the one they just completed. This one would on Monroe Drive across from Fire Station 29, between Cirque Daiquiri Bar and the new apartments being built by Fairfield Residential (at the former Intown Suites property).

    Their proposed plan would close the entire exit for 10 months! UNACCEPTABLE!

    While the other roundabout was hugely disruptive, especially at the beginning of the project, at least the exit was OPEN. Having the other exit closed for 10 months would be devastating for both residents and businesses in the area. Not to mention our FIRE STATION.


    Here is some suggested wording you can copy and paste:

    Conditional Support

    General Comments:

    Not opposed to the roundabout in general.

    I am opposed to the 10-month, 5-mile detour that will cripple local businesses, adversely impact residents and the efficiency of Fire Station 29, and make the work of the mail carriers who have offices in the USPS Midtown Carrier Annex Post Office at 415 Plasters Ave NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30324 impossibly difficult.

    I request GDOT return the project to the concept phase and invite all businesses, property owners, and residents within the 2-mile radius to assist in alternate detour and exit closure impact.

    I request GDOT engage more inclusive communication tools with impacted stakeholders. It appears that GDOT has not sought to involve the public until very recently with a postcard, after it approved the project concept (on 4/7/2020) and preliminary design (on 2/2/2022). Postcards are inadequate for a project as significant as this.

    I request GDOT engage the Piedmont Heights Business Alliance and the Piedmont Heights Civic Association in assisting with a Public Hearing Open House (PHOH) to engage impacted stakeholders.

    This exit will impact 1,000s of residents and 1,000s of small businesses who have been hit three times in the last year: 1) Cheshire Bridge taking 1.2 years to rebuild 2) Atlanta Gas Light Project going up and down Piedmont Road 3) Monroe/Armour Drive Roundabout Construction that happened all within a year and a half in the area, we would like to come up with an alternative to the proposed plans. Many of the businesses are trying to recover from the 30-60% loss in business caused by these transportation projects. And needless to say, this is on top of the recovery efforts of COVID-19.

    What PHCA and PiHi Alliance are doing on your behalf:

    1. PHCA and PiHi Alliance are seeking support from the Ansley Park Civic Association, Morningside-Lenox Park Association, Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association, Linbergh Lavista Corridor Coalition, Livable Buckhead, and Lindridge Martin Manor Neighborhood Association to write a collective letter to GDOT expressing their objection to this project timeline.

    2. PHCA and PiHi Alliance are contacting our state and city representatives to gain support for our objection.

    3. And more!

    • Reached out to our state Representative Evans, who will be attending the Annual Neighborhood Meeting. She supports our efforts regarding this roundabout.

    • Reaching out to all the businesses that will be affected by this current plan and trying to plan ways to get parking for construction workers that will not affect the flow of traffic during construction.

    • Asking Councilmember Wan to coordinate the city streets to be paved in these areas at the same time to alleviate additional traffic disruptions.

    • Reaching out to the Atlanta Fire Chief on what GDOT has planned for their fire station right where the traffic island will be built.

    • Compiling recommendations to provide GDOT.

    What YOU can do:

    1. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! The comment period for this project is open until November 11, 2022. All organizations agree the comment period is unacceptable and will require additional time to properly recommend alternatives to this proposed plan. Let GDOT know how you feel and how you will be impacted by their proposed plan.

    2. Learn more about the proposed project. Visit their website here. Review their presentation (PDF) of the proposed project.


    By the way, if this kind of proposal gets you fired up, consider joining the PHCA Board of Directors or our Planning Committee. We can use extra help staying on top of these types of projects with the city and state! Contact PHCA VP Cole Patton for more info.

    Cole Patton

    PHCA Vice President


  • 09 Dec 2022 11:49 AM | Anonymous

    PHCA and Councilmember Alex Wan want to hear from you!

    We have the opportunity to speak up about potential infrastructure improvements within the Piedmont Heights neighborhood.

    You may have seen some recent improvements as you drive through Morningside. They've recently completed a similar initiative.

    Please share your thoughts with us via the link below so that we can compile a list for Councilmember Wan's office.


Major Neighborhood Projects

Upcoming events

PiHi News

Contact Us

Piedmont Heights Civic Association
1579 Monroe Dr. NE, Ste. F307
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