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The Piedmont Heights Civic Association (PHCA) in Atlanta works to protect the interests of residents and property owners in Piedmont Heights. Association members enjoy the following benefits and opportunities: 

  • ADVOCACY — We help protect your investment. With representatives overseeing zoning and variance issues, the Piedmont Heights Civic Association volunteers help ensure that your quality of life and the investment in your home are protected and preserved. We respond to new developments and related zoning, traffic, and population density issues to protect Piedmont Heights‘ interests.

  • SECURITY — We help ensure your safety. By offering Security Patrol & Home Away services and working to have traffic calmed and sidewalks built, PHCA helps make the streets and the greater community of Piedmont Heights safer and better protected.  Click here to see Security Patrol details. Note: Security Patrol & Home Away services are not available for Apartment Renter members; however, they still have access to contact our Security Liaison with concerns.

  • SOCIAL — We help build community. One of Piedmont Heights’ greatest assets is its diversity, both residential and commercial.  By hosting social functions that pull the community together, PHCA helps promote neighborhood camaraderie. We also keep you informed and engaged with events, meetings, emails, and social media. 

  • INFORMATION — We keep you informed of neighborhood and community activities. In addition to the Piedmont Heights Civic Association website and email newsletter, we have a very active community on Facebook and Instagram.

  • PARKS — We work to improve the neighborhood’s green space.  In partnership with Park Pride, PHCA developed Gotham Way Park as a means of preserving our open green spaces. This park is unique in that it is owned by PHCA—not the City of Atlanta. We're always looking for passionate neighbors to help us keep our park beautiful! Contact our Gotham Way Park Chair for more information on Gotham Way Park.

  • PARTNERSHIPS — We partner with our neighborhood's business and charitable organizations. PHCA works closely with the Piedmont Heights Community Improvement Foundation and Piedmont Heights Business Alliance. Our Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that funds neighborhood improvement projects, while the PiHi Business Alliance supports our local businesses by connecting them to each other, our residents, government leaders, and more.

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