Adopt-a-Drain Program

The Department of Watershed Management has developed this community program to improve the quality of stormwater within the City of Atlanta’s watersheds and help inform the City about infrastructure maintenance needs. Stormwater management, along with flooding and the quality of stormwater that is discharged into waterways, is a concern to the City and its residents. The Adopt-A-Drain program is one way that we can all work to improve our environment.

Learn more - download the flyer from City of Atlanta Watershed Management. 

Have you adopted a drain? Let us know!

If you see a drain that has medical waste, needles, construction debris, or toxic materials, report it to the City’s Customer Service Center by calling 3-1-1 or visiting ATL311 online, or reach out to Tanisha Lawson at Watershed Management at 404-546-1411 or


The Adopt-A-Drain program enlists Atlanta resident volunteers to adopt a storm drain, commit to cleaning the drain of leaves and other debris, and monitor the condition of the drain for the duration of the adoption. Residents who adopt a drain will be given supplies (see below) along with simple maintenance guidelines to follow and instructions on how to notify Department of Watershed Management of any problems that may arise with the drain.


In most cases, anything that enters the storm drainage system ends up in our local waterways. By pledging to keep your storm drain free of litter, leaves, and other debris, you are joining your neighbors in helping to protect the environment, manage stormwater, minimize flooding, and report infrastructure malfunctions and issues. The Adopt-A-Drain program aims to make residents aware of their street’s connection to the waterways within the City and stop pollution before it reaches our local waterways.


An Adopt-A-Drain “Start-Up Kit” is available for those who decide they want to volunteer for the program. The Adopt-A-Drain coordinator will contact you regarding delivery and will provide you with a brief orientation to the program.

Start-Up Kit Materials Include

Gloves, Broom, Rake, Compostable Yard Waste Bags, Safety Vest, and Safety Glasses

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