BeltLine Basics

The BeltLine is a 22-mile loop of historic railroad, encircling downtown and midtown Atlanta with a radius of two-to-four miles from Atlanta's center. Over 100,000 people live within half a mile of the BeltLine, which connects 45 of the city's in-town neighborhoods. 

For more information on the current plans for using the BeltLine, see the website:

Piedmont Heights is in the northeast quadrant of the BeltLine: 

From Peachtree Street at Piedmont Hospital, the BeltLine heads northeast to connect with MARTA at Lindbergh City Center.

Turning back south, it runs through the Armour-Ottley industrial district, under I-85 to Ansley Mall, the Botanical Gardens, and Piedmont Park. 

A few blocks away from Midtown and the Virginia-Highland commercial district, the BeltLine passes by Grady High School.

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